Affiliates lead the charge in driving the global adoption of the latest R&D developed by the Center for Threat-Informed defense

The Affiliate Program provides an opportunity for innovative cybersecurity providers to partner with the Center for Threat-Informed Defense to advance the state of the art, and the state of the practice in threat-informed defense. Affiliates incorporate the Center’s R&D into their product or service offerings and build co-branded use cases to highlight adoption best practices with the community raising awareness of the Centers R&D and providing solutions that leverage its work 

Center For Threat Informed Defense Gold Affiliate Badge

R&D Adoption Spotlightsshowcase the Center’s R&D in action
to help the community adopt threat-informed defense.

These custom, co-branded use cases are promoted through a suite of promotional opportunities. 


sponsorship and thought leadership contribution

Feature in our Newsletter

Quick ATT&CK Facts

Shareable digital badge

for social media optimization

Corporate logo

on the Center’s website

Video interview

focused on R&D adoption

Dedicated email

to our database of ATT&CK community members

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Affiliates are recognized for being on the cutting edge of threat-informed defense.

The affiliate program offers vendors a critical head-start in incorporating the Center’s R&D into their offerings. 

Pre-release access to Center R&D

(with gold tier)

Affiliates technical workshops

with direct engagement with MITRE research team responsible for new R&D projects

MITRE ATT&CK Defender™

training and certification subscriptions

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Benefits at a Glance

The Affiliate Program offers a mix of communication and networking opportunities to showcase leadership in the threat-informed defense community. Depending on the Affiliate tier, as outlined in the Affiliate Program Benefits Matrix below, Affiliates are entitled to access the following opportunities: 

Affiliate Program BenefitsGoldSilver
Affiliates technical workshop (seats) 42
MAD (MITRE ATT&CK Defender) training & certification (bundle) 53
Pre-release access to Center R&D Projects
Digital badges (social media ready)
Logo promotion on Center website
R&D Adoption Promotional Kit* (annually)53
Co-branded use case (PDF)
Adoption Spotlight PDF featured on website project page
Participation in one webinar*
One dedicated email (45,000+/- ATT&CK community members)
One banner ad in newsletter (45,000+/- ATT&CK community members)
One Center-featured video interview (5 min.)
*All the distinct initiatives within the R&D Adoption Promotional Kit will be used to promote the adopted use case. Affiliates will be invited to participate in webinars featuring the adopted use case.

Ready to Get Involved?

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