Impact Report

 Illustrating Our Approach to Collaborative R&D

This inaugural report highlights 13 R&D projects readily available to the cybersecurity community and recognizes center participants’ impact in advancing a threat-informed defense approach to security

This impact report serves as a testament not only to the work, but to the critical relationships the Center for Threat-Informed Defense has forged. Powered by the experience, insights, and resources of Center participants, we leverage the deep technical expertise of MITRE to advance the state of the art and the state of the practice in threat-informed defense. This impact report is proof positive that this collaboration has already begun to return dividends.

This 2021 Impact Report is no ordinary Annual Report. The results of the R&D contained in this inaugural report are the achievements of 30 of the most sophisticated security teams around the world convening in the Center for a single purpose…to change the game on the adversary.

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