Membership that leverages the diverse cyber community

The cyber challenges we face are bigger than any single organization, sector, or country. As a result, the Center is committed to bring together sophisticated and innovative security teams from leading organizations around the world, including:

  • Global end-user and critical infrastructure companies
  • Leading technology companies
  • Cybersecurity-related non-profits 

Accelerating R&D in threat-informed defense

Center members are committed to relentlessly advance the ability to protect, detect, and respond to advanced adversaries through collaborative R&D. The Center is expanding the global understanding of adversary behaviors, creating a scalable approach for identifying, conducting, and sharing public interest research.

How To Join

The Center has three participation levels:

  • Research Partner
  • Research Sponsor
  • Non-Profit Participant

Members may propose R&D projects, which allows them to choose and shape the projects they participate in. Center dues support operations and core member services, while the annual R&D commitment funds direct research.

Participant Benefits*Research PartnerResearch SponsorNon-Profit Participant
Propose & Sponsor R&D Projects
Propose collaborative R&D projects. Non-profit participant may be invited to participate.
Early Access to R&D Project Results
Prior to the public release of each Center R&D project, meet with the project team of MITRE SMEs and Center Participants who shaped, created, and developed the project.
Technical Roundtables
Quarterly roundtable discussions open to all Center Participants featuring MITRE SMEs addressing hot topic industry issues.
Semi-annual briefings from the MITRE ATT&CK team on the most recent updates and how those updates benefit your organization and further industry defenses.
MITRE ATT&CK® Evaluations Briefings
In-depth briefings from the experts on the results of each round of ATT&CK Evaluations.
Collaboration Platform Accounts
Secure platform for participants and staff to communicate and collaborate in real time, which provides access to the trusted Center community.
MITRE ATT&CK Defender™
Complementary subscriptions to the only certification platform focused entirely on the MITRE ATT&CK framework.
Complementary conference seats to the premiere MITRE ATT&CK annual event at no additional cost.
Joint Promotions
Eligible to promote joint webinars & podcasts highlighting sponsored R&D projects, as well as appear on “Center Conversations” with the Center Director.
Adversary Emulation Testbed
Participants will be able to create a testbed to experiment with adversary emulation scenarios.
Collaborative Analytic Development Platform
Participants will be able to provision analytic development “cells” where subgroups of participants collaborate on analytic development and testing.
5 Cells1 Cell
Participant logo showcased on the Center web site and marketing materials; Center logo and digital badge available for Participant use.
Advisory Council
Senior executives from Participant organizations serve a strategic role in defining long-range plans, priorities, and initiatives to ensure the success of the Center and generate impact at scale.
1 Seat1 Seat1 Seat
*Benefits subject to change

Ready to Join The Center?