Sightings Ecosystem



Defenders lack visibility into which adversary behaviors they should focus their attention on first.


Build and operate a way for organizations to safely contribute sightings of specific ATT&CK TTPs powering analytics that give defenders a picture of what TTPs are used where and when.


The sightings ecosystem injects real-world data and insights from that data into the decision-making process of defenders, allowing them to focus their resources on the highest priority problems.

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Published: 23 February 2022

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Project Summary

This project provides cybersecurity defenders and researchers with critical insight into real-world, in the wild adversary behaviors mapped to ATT&CK. The ecosystem aims to fundamentally advance the collective ability to see threat activity across organizational, platform, vendor and geographical boundaries. Voluntarily contributed raw “sightings”, or observations, of specific adversary TTPs are mapped to ATT&CK, anonymized, and aggregated to produce intelligence describing insights from that data.